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Do you know that only a veterinarian is qualified to be an all-rounder in medical practice? A veterinarian gets to apply dentistry, anaesthesiology, dermatology, internal medicine, nutrition, pathology and zoological medicine in their practice. Much like in the human world, these are the various specialties within Veterinary Science.

Veterinary science degree best suits someone who has special interest in animal science, genuine passion for animals, thinks analytically, and great people skills. Veterinary Science doesn’t just deal with animals. It also deals with the discovery, prevention and control of animal diseases. Certain infectious diseases, such as bird flu, can spread from animals to humans. As a vet, you can be on the forefront of fighting animal diseases through discovery and research, saving the lives of not just animals but humans too!

Choosing the right destination of study will determine where and how will a veterinary science graduate cope up in Malaysia. Here at DRSB, our experienced consultants will help each students and parents to explore their best interest of pharmaceutical degree from Indonesian degree programmes.

Also, DRSB guarantees that all veterinary science courses recommended are approved by Malaysian Veterinary Council to become a fully registered veterinarian with clearance to apply Annual Practicing Certificate.

While you may want to enrol in the most prestigious veterinary science degree, we will help you to identify the most suited university that gives the best social environment, affordability, academic focus, research facilities and most importantly the frequency of you flying back to Malaysia to escape the pressure level. Good news is that our recommended veterinary science degree span is slightly shorter than the ones offered locally.

Minimum Requirements

These requirements are the criteria required for the above course.


Minimum of 5 credits in:

English, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics AND

At least CGPA 3.0, with minimum B in Biology:


At least CGPA 3.0, with minimum B in Biology: AND

another subject (Physics, Chemistry or Additional Mathematics)

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